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Are you sick to death of designing websites yourself?

I Was Going Crazy Trying To Make The Problem Go Away

I tried everything to put an end to finish my website, but every solution fell short.

I’ll be willing to bet you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, because chances are, you’ve tried them, too...

Designing the website myself made me lose a lot of my time just learning HTML and CSS and every day something new to learn came up. In the end I had an ugly site which I spent month developing it.

My goal was to design website for others and I was failing since I couldn’t design a decent website.

And I even went so far as to try several web design programs but only ended up getting MORE frustrated!

So I Decided It Was Time To Take Matters Into My Own Hands

Clearly I was NEVER going to get anywhere if I relied on my own deign skills of software to solve my problem for me, so I decided that I’d just have to figure it out myself how to make beautiful sites without deigning them.

So I got to work...

I soon discovered that smart people used templates to create websites. They simply went and bought a template made someone with great design skills and just modified the template. This was the solution to my problems.

I started looking for templates for sale, but most of them where and still are pretty expensive (up to $100/template). So I looked for a cheaper way of getting templates for websites. One day I stumbled upon several places which sold templates pack with resell rights and this is how the Quality Templates Pack was born.

After months of trial and error, my website design problems were gone!

No more hours and hours wasted on trying to create a beautiful site... No more hundreds of dollars spend on one single template.

Just the happiness that comes from creating good looking websites fast without any coding required. In plus the templates I got had master resell rights so I had an extra source of income be reselling them.


Now My Goal Is To Help EVERYONE To Create Good Looking Websites Fast And Easy

Then I got to thinking...

What kind of a person would I be if -- knowing exactly how frustrating designing a website from scratch or paying more than 100$ for a single template is -- I didn’t try to help my fellow sufferers enjoy relief, too?

So I decided to pull together all the templates I purchased over the years in a pack, and make it available to other people who were having the same experience.

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Why You will Never Pay $10-$100 For A Single Template Again.
Read this page carefully.
And Now You Can Try The Quality Templates Pack With Resell Rights RISK FREE For 30 Days With Our 100% Moneyback Guarantee!

Are you annoyed by the stuff you must learn to create a website from scratch ... frustrated by the many hours you must waste to learn HTML, CSS and other boring, hard to learn things?

Then what you’re about to hear will be music to your ears...

Because I’m about to show you how to put an END to spending days to create single website once and for all, and enjoy the freedom and extra money that you get as a result.

And trust me, I know exactly how... because I’ve already done it!

If You’re Still Struggling With Designing Websites Yourself, You Need To Read This Page Carefully!

Hi there, my name is Dan, and yes it’s true...

I put an END to the frustration caused by spending weeks on creating a new site, and now I’m enjoying a life where I have more time to spend with my family!

But let me back up a step...

It wasn’t that long ago that designing websites from scratch was a part of my daily life.

I wanted to start my own business since I was in college. After many hours of research I saw that the best way to start a business was online because of the low start-up costs. Therefore I started learning HTML and CSS and soon I was working on my site. It was working real slowly because I had to learn a lot of new stuff and I I not the most talented designer.

Month flew by and I still didn’t finished my site.

Take A Closer Look At What Quality Templates Pack Can Do For You and Your Business...

Template Pack has been professionally engineered to introduce MANY money-saving benefits to your business, including:

Benefit #1: Stop spending hundreds of dollars for a single website template

Benefit #2: Stop wasting your time learning HTML and CSS. Just get a template you like and edit it in a free WYSIWYG editor

Benefit #3: Offer to design websites to small business owners for an extra income. Most of small business owners don’t have technical skill and will gladly pay for a good looking website

Benefit #4: Start a business online. All the templates from this pack come with resell right so if you want to make some fast money you can simply resell them individually or as a pack.

Here Is What Is Included In The Quality Template Pack

3,119 Flash Templates

  • 30 Flashy
  • 60 Extreme
  • 72 Mixed
  • 88 Other
  • 450 Flash banners
  • 2,000 Raw flash
  • 200 Intros
  • 70 Flash website templates
  • Personals dating website business

1,880 Photoshop Templates

  • Architecture
  • Auto
  • Biz
  • Books
  • Computer
  • Dating
  • Entertainment
  • FFashion beauty
  • Food floral
  • Forum
  • Furniture
  • General
  • Grunge
  • Hosting
  • Jewelry
  • Online shop
  • Real estate
  • Software
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Web design

7,396 Html Templates

  • 13 Dirty plates
  • 22 Corp
  • 45 Special
  • 71 Other
  • 300 Site name
  • 306 Ultimate
  • 55 Other templates
  • 1,000 Homepage
  • 1,764 Mixed
  • More unlisted

250 Adult
190 Dreamweaver
705 Auction
612 Php themed
350 Premium templates
334 Powerpoint templates
312 Swish templates
68 Fast templates
200 Assorted templates
22 Pro assorted templates

Visit templates sample page to see how the templates look like.

And Now I’d Like You To Have The Templates Pack, So YOU Can Enjoy Creating Sites Fast and Easy and Making Some Extra Money by Reselling The Templates, Too!

Seeing how easily these other people were able to stop the wasting their time and money, I knew I needed to get my solution into as many hands as possible.

So I’ve decided to make my entire system available on the Internet, to anyone who needs it!

I call my solution Quality Templates Pack and it’s the solution you can use to quickly, easily, and permanently put an end to designing websites problems!

Use my system and within just minutes, you’ll get:

Over 15,700 Web Templates

Instant Download After Payment from a Hi Speed server

Full resell rights. You can sell each template individually or as a pack. You Keep 100% Profits.

30 Days no questions asked Money Back Guarantee

How You Can Use The Templates

You can use the templates in many ways. You can use them to build your own sites, you can sell each template, you can sell the whole pack, you can offer them as bonus or you can open a small web design company.

In my opinion the most profitable are: reselling the whole pack and offering web design services. See the example below.

1. Reselling the whole pack

Templates Price Sales Per Day Earnings per month
$47 1 $1410
$47 2 $2820
$47 3 $4230

2. Website design for small companies

There are millions of small companies and almost each one needs a website. Professional web designers charge up to $50 per page for a small website. Because you work after a template you can charge far less, my suggestion: $20 per page. All small site have at least 5 pages: index page, products/services page, about us, FAQ and contact so your profit will be at least $100. Making a simple 5 page site will take you maximum 3 hours.

Website price (min. 5 pages) Sales Per Day Earnings per month
$100 1 $2000
$100 2 $4000
$100 3 $6000

*You may notice a difference between the two tables: because the templates are sold on auto pilot the monthly earnings are calculated for 30 days, because making websites require your work the monthly earnings were calculated for 20 days.

Just Take a Look At Everything You Get!

When you claim your copy of Quality Templates Pack, you’ll be getting a complete A-Z solution for Web design.

You will:

  • Have thousands of websites designs to choose from
  • Be able to edit the templates to create websites fast
  • Have the tools for selling web design services to small business
  • Be able to resell the templates for extra cash

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And I’ll let you keep the free bonuses as a thank-you gift.

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